Lagaay Medical Group has a number of companies (Lagaay International, More Medical, Medox Marine, Mediscore, Europort Pharmaceuticals & Dutch Care Supplies) which are active in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lagaay International

Lagaay International (worldwide Medical Supplier): provides several medicines, medical devices cosmetics and OTC’s to the commercial shipping industry, off Shore industry, cruise industry, multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s) and non-profit organizations. on a global scale. We also service private clinics and clinics at remote locations (Remote Clinics) for large multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s), non-profit organizations and companies in the offshore industry.

MORE Medical

MORE-Medical is the independent 24/7 medical assistance provider worldwide. Every day we make sure you have access to the best medical care to guarantee the health and wellbeing of your employees, where ever they are.

MedOx Marine

MedOx Marine is a global certified (ISO 9001:2015) medical oxygen provider to the marine & offshore industry. We are the trusted partner of choice when it comes to supplying medical oxygen solutions worldwide. MedOx Marine is a trademark of Lagaay International B.V., part of the Lagaay Group.


Mediscore is a Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler and for more than 100 years we are specialized in para-medicals, OTC’s, sports care and pharmaceutical products for the Dutch professional market. Target market: health care institutions, health care departments of Multinationals, pharmacies (chains), drug stores (chains), sports clubs, clinics, specialists etc.

Europort Pharmaceuticals

Europort Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical wholesaler specialized in the supply of vaccines and travel-related drugs to travel clinics and health & safety services. We deliver a full range of vaccines of the following manufacturers/distributors; GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Baxter, Sanquin and Solvay. Additionally Europort Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the procurement of a number of products (medicines) for Lagaay International.