Lagaay Medical Group has a number of companies (Lagaay International, Medox Marine, Mediscore, Europort Pharmaceuticals & Dutch Care Supplies) which are active in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lagaay International

Lagaay International (worldwide Medical Supplier): provides several medicines, medical devices cosmetics and OTC’s to the commercial shipping industry, off Shore industry, cruise industry, multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s) and non-profit organizations. on a global scale. We also service private clinics and clinics at remote locations (Remote Clinics) for large multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s), non-profit organizations and companies in the offshore industry.

MedOx Marine

MedOx Marine is a global certified (ISO 9001:2015) medical oxygen provider to the marine & offshore industry. We are the trusted partner of choice when it comes to supplying medical oxygen solutions worldwide. MedOx Marine is a trademark of Lagaay International B.V., part of the Lagaay Group.


Mediscore is a Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler and for more than 100 years we are specialized in para-medicals, OTC’s, sports care and pharmaceutical products for the Dutch professional market. Target market: health care institutions, health care departments of Multinationals, pharmacies (chains), drug stores (chains), sports clubs, clinics, specialists etc.

Europort Pharmaceuticals

Europort Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical wholesaler specialized in the supply of vaccines and travel-related drugs to travel clinics and health & safety services. We deliver a full range of vaccines of the following manufacturers/distributors; GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Baxter, Sanquin and Solvay. Additionally Europort Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the procurement of a number of products (medicines) for Lagaay International.