Dutch Care Supplies (DCS) stands for passion, experience, seamless 24/7 operations, logistics and after-sales. This produces high quality and added value for our customers.

We service the commercial shipping industry, off Shore industry, cruise industry, multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s) and healthcare organizations. on a global scale. We also service private clinics and clinics at remote locations (Remote Clinics) for large multinationals, international aid projects (NGO’s), healthcare organizations and companies in the offshore industry. We are offering a complete range of medical products such as medical devices and disposables. From syringes to medical gloves and from stretchers to defibrillators.

In our customer partnership we strive for fair and optimum prices for all our products and services, so our activities are fully transparent. From determining the budget and specifications through competitively-priced products and alternatives, to tailor-made solutions.

We supply a wide variety of medical devices, medical and laboratory supplies, medical equipment, OTC’s and cosmetics to organizations dedicated to the development of healthcare worldwide. We don’t just supply products but aim for a constructive partnership with customers and suppliers. We work closely together with manufacturers to ensure our clients always get the best value for money and the right products are being delivered at the right place at the right time

We keep in close contact with the different regulators, therefore we can inform our clients when any changes in regulations are expected. In addition we have a dedicated team that can help you around the clock 24/7.

We believe in holding on to our values, in our personal life as well  in our professional life.

DCS is supplier of:

  • Medical devices
  • Medical & laboratory supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • OTC’s
  • (medical) Food & Drinks

Dutch Care Supplies is an international medical wholesaler specialized in the supply of medical devices, medical and laboratory supplies, medical equipment, OTC’s and cosmetics. We are responsible for the procurement of a number of product groups for the Lagaay Group.

Lagaay Medical Group

Lagaay Medical Group has a number of companies (Lagaay International, More Medical, Medox Marine, Mediscore, Europort Pharmaceuticals & Dutch Care Supplies) which are active in the pharmaceutical industry.